Door Staff Member

We seek a door staff member to work one Tuesday night per month at our event, Ottawa’s Weekly West Coast Swing Event. This is an opportunity to become a key member of a dynamic, friendly team of individuals who are committed to developing a welcoming, friendly, motivated community of excellent partner dancers.


Work hours: 6:45 pm – 10:15 pm; one Tuesday per month for the foreseeable future; may increase to two per month down the road

Location: Amigo’s sports bar, 858 Merivale Avenue, Ottawa

Compensation: $40/night + free access to all Tuesday-night Levels 1 through 5 and social dances

As a Smoothstyle Door Staff member, the individual is free to work for/with other dance organizations and events, provided that it does not prevent them from fulfilling their commitment to Smoothstyle.

Door Staff Responsibilities:

The door staff member serves as our guests’ first greeter. The staff member:

  1. Greets guests in a pleasant, welcoming fashion
  2. Ensures each new guest signs a waiver form (one per calendar year)
  3. Accepts payment (cash or cheque), and/or Groupon codes – as per the posted pricing
  4. Writes receipts if/when requested by a guest
  5. Creates new 10-class cards as required
  6. Answers questions
  7. Keeps track of attendee numbers and sales totals; balances cash at end of shift

During the hours of work, the staff member does not dance or partake in lessons. They are welcome to enjoy social dancing for the remaining hour after the shift is complete.

Other expectations and responsibilities will be provided to qualified individuals.


The door staff member shall be:

  1. Friendly, pleasant, and welcoming to all guests
  2. Always well groomed (clean, tidy hair, neatly dressed in freshly washed clothing)
  3. On time and reliable
  4. Trustworthy and honest in handling cash
  5. Fluent in English
  6. Strong in basic arithmetic

To apply, please email Maria Ford with the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Schedule availability
  3. Relevant experience and confirmation of qualifications
  4. Two professional references

We thank all applicants. Application is not a guarantee that you will be hired.