Daniela Bajtos, Instructor & Assistant Manager

Daniela Bajtos, Instructor & Assistant Manager
Daniela Bajtos

Styles: West Coast Swing | Hustle | Lindy Hop | Partnered Blues

Daniela has danced since 1999, when she discovered Blues and Lindy Hop dancing while at the University of Waterloo. A veteran community builder, she served as president and events coordinator at the university’s swing dance club while also teaching and organizing events for a private dance school, where she helped to teach Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, Balboa, Blues, and Charleston. She continued to teach classes and workshops in the greater Toronto area, later adding Salsa to her teaching repertoire. Daniela is known as a fantastic follower with beautiful styling.

Since arriving in Ottawa to work in her field, she has taught Salsa, Casino Rueda, and with Smoothstyle, West Coast Swing and Hustle. She is pursuing formal teacher training with Smoothstyle.