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Pro-Am Partnership

Wherever you’re headed, a relationship with a trusted coach will get you there faster.

Vincent & Maria: A Pro-Am Partnership success story

If you are…

  • Looking for steady ongoing progress upward in your dancing
  • Seeking focused, relevant, high-value guidance to achieve the best results
  • Frustrated by confusing, conflicting, or much varied feedback about your dancing
  • Tired of ups, downs, tangents, and stagnation in your progress
  • Likely to benefit from accountability to a trusted coach
  • Interested in the insight and experience of an expert, professional eye
  • Looking for a better competition experience

…then Maria’s Pro-Am Partnership may be perfect for you. It’s for individual students of West Coast Swing who are ready to commit to REAL PROGRESS.

This 6-month commitment includes:

  • 12 private lessons (~two per month)
  • 2 10-night passes to Ottawa’s Weekly West Coast Swing event (Tuesday evenings)
  • Well-rounded coaching on West Coast Swing, as well as mindset and health when relevant
  • Video progress reports, social-dance check-ins, competition preparation, and video follow-up
  • Commitments on the student’s (Am’s) part – ask for details

This package isn’t for just anyone who wants to get better – it’s for those who willing to do the work and make specific commitments.

If you’re ready to unlock REAL progress in your West Coast Swing dancing and/or competition performance, contact Maria for the details.

What others have to say…

Maria’s coaching has been a key element of my development as a west coast swing dancer. A unique balance of precision and packaging, Maria’s approach combines fine attention to technical detail with the ability to tailor feedback in a way that is digestible and that has enabled me to overcome “plateau” moments in my dance progression. Her emphasis on quality of movement and connection has helped me deepen my understanding of the fundamental characteristics of west coast swing without compromising my individual style, cultivate better partnership skills, and create my own personal benchmarks for evaluating success, resulting in many “wins” on both the competitive and social floor. After each of our sessions, I’ve walked away with a solid grasp of how I can direct my self-directed practice and with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for the dance. – Jessica Polzer, Student

Maria has been a remarkable teacher, coach, and mentor in my dance journey. She is always prepared with feedback at the start of each lesson, having studied my competition videos or observed my social dancing in advance. One of the most valuable aspects of Maria’s coaching is her ability to identify the root cause of a problem and then provide the right tools to correct it. By sharing her experiences as a high-level performer, Maria has helped shape me into becoming a better social dancer and competent performer. For me, the passion and commitment she displays are invaluable to the progress I have made as a dancer.” – Vincent Mok, Pro-Am Graduate

When I arrive at a private lesson with Maria I know that she has already been preparing for it since the time I booked it. She will ask me in advance for a recent competition video, or will make a point to watch me at a social. She makes space for anything I want to work on, but she is also ready with feedback and ideas. For me, the most valuable part of these lessons is that Maria can somehow look at my dancing and find the one thing that I can change right now that will have the biggest impact on my dancing. I will show up confused by different challenges in my dancing, and Maria will be able to articulate those issues and then offer a solution that fixes multiple issues at once. Taking lessons with Maria has had a lasting impact on my movement and technique, and, as a bonus, on my competition results!” – Jessica Breault, Student

Maria is amazing at identifying the one thing I can do that will most help me improve my dancing. She breaks things down in ways that make big problems approachable, and her advice has helped me a ton. Maria has made an incalculably large difference in both my skill and enjoyment as a dancer. I definitely get more compliments from follows since working with her.” – David Geukers, Student & Mentee

Maria is my West Coast Swing dance coach of choice. I appreciate her professionalism, her frankness and honesty, her rigor, her concern for detail, her knowledge, and her listening skills. Rain or shine, she’s always smiling in our lessons. She also takes the time to answer all my questions, even outside of our private classes. Recently, I’ve had compliments about my progress and also questions from other dancers about whether I was taking private lessons because they could see and feel such an improvement in me. With Maria’s guidance and your own perseverance to work on what she asks of you, results are inevitable!” – Danielle Piché, Student