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Maria Ford, West Coast Swing Dance Instructor

Maria Ford, Owner & Senior Instructor

There is SO MUCH great content and training I can provide, and skills you can develop, through a virtual dance lesson. These sessions can be recorded.

Email me to book a lesson >>

2 options:

Video feedback.

You send me one or a few videos of your recent dancing. I’ll spend 20-30 minutes analyzing the videos and preparing feedback. Then, we’ll get on a Zoom web call and I’ll walk you through my feedback as we watch the videos together. I may also demonstrate and/or have you execute movement, via the live video session.

Pricing: $70 for a 60-minute session

Realtime virtual coaching.

We’ll use Zoom’s two-way video. If you’re with a partner, I’ll watch you dance and will coach you as if I were in the room. If you’re solo, we’ll do drill work (same as the first touchless option above).

Pricing: 30 minutes = $40; 60 minutes = $70

How to Book a Lesson

Simply email or call me with your preferred day and time, and we’ll take it from there.

About Maria

Maria Ford has danced since before she could walk. Today, she focuses on West Coast Swing and NY Hustle. She is a well-loved follower in other partnered street dances as well, including Blues, Fusion, Kizomba, Salsa, and Bachata. Maria actively competed in the top divisions of both WCS (All-Star since 2014) and Hustle (Professional/Open) for 16 years.

Maria has taught in a variety of adult-education settings for two decades, including as a professor and coach in a college, and nearly a decade teaching adult dance and training others to teach effectively. She choreographed and performed competitively successful West Coast Swing routines and achieved Master-level instructor certification and Judging certification from the Global Professional Dance Instructors Association (GPDIA).

An exceptional writer and editor, Maria’s full-time work is in strategic messaging and (re)branding for established organizations at Phrase Strategy. She is also partner in Bytown Journals.