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Business Update

15 September, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all businesses that centre around the performing arts and activities involving close contact. West Coast Swing is one of the most social dances, and our activities centred on a community of people who came together to dance with each other. With that interaction no longer possible, Smoothstyle is shuttered.

We are fortunate that we have full-time careers outside of the performing arts.

Where to Dance/Dance Lessons in Ottawa

Many dance schools in Ottawa are full-time endeavours and they need your support. Several have reopened respecting the parameters of COVID-19 restrictions around masking and distancing, and are offering a variety of classes and events for solos and for those with partners.

Please consider supporting one of these Ottawa dance schools:

West Coast Swing in Ottawa

The best place to stay informed about any West Coast Swing activities or lessons that may restart in Ottawa is via the West Coast Swing Ottawa Facebook page.


We also invite you to enjoy our many dance-related Resources.


Business Update

Due to COVID-19, Smoothstyle is shuttered, but you can still dance and learn to dance in Ottawa.

Blackout Tuesday

Our plans for tonight, 2 June 2020, changed and we will not host a virtual event this week.

Support Local!

We've compiled a list of dancer-run businesses and encourage you to consider referring them and/or hiring them if it makes sense.