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A fresh start

24 August, 2021

With the “light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel” in sight, I am receiving many inquiries about Smoothstyle’s plans for resuming classes, social dances, and so on.

After these many months of reflection, I’ve made the decision to not resume any professional/semi-professional dance activities, and therefore to close Smoothstyle. While I hope social dance will be part of my life again in the future, I am not yet sure how that will unfold for me. I certainly won’t be one of the first dancers “back at it” post-pandemic.

Partner dance — West Coast Swing and Hustle in particular — has given me many wonderful gifts, interactions, experiences, opportunities, and memories since my first lesson in 2004. I hope others will find a way to continue to bring those opportunities and privileges to others in the “new normal” we are hatching into.

West Coast Swing will need a fresh start in Ottawa, and that means a tonne of work. It also takes a village, and those who take up the charge will need support. If you’re eager to dance WCS again: attend classes, attend socials, follow all protocols, understand that producing art and teaching well cost money, and consider volunteering to help.

Please see below for some dance opportunities in Ottawa at this time.

Thank you!!

~ Maria Ford, Owner, Smoothstyle Dance

Where to Dance/Dance Lessons in Ottawa

Many dance schools in Ottawa are full-time endeavours and they need your support. Several have reopened respecting the parameters of COVID-19 restrictions around masking and distancing, and are offering a variety of classes and events for solos and for those with partners.

Please consider supporting one of these Ottawa dance schools:

West Coast Swing in Ottawa

The best place to stay informed about any West Coast Swing activities or lessons that may restart in Ottawa is via the West Coast Swing Ottawa Facebook page.


We also invite you to enjoy our many dance-related Resources.


Business Update

Due to COVID-19, Smoothstyle is shuttered, but you can still dance and learn to dance in Ottawa.

Blackout Tuesday

Our plans for tonight, 2 June 2020, changed and we will not host a virtual event this week.

Support Local!

We've compiled a list of dancer-run businesses and encourage you to consider referring them and/or hiring them if it makes sense.