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Workout at Home: covid-19 Week 2

March 22, 2020

Maria’s free, guided, at-home workout week 2.

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How to Workout at Home: covid-19 Week 1

March 15, 2020

Maria’s free, guided at-home workout week 1.

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Road Tripping: a Formative Part of the West Coast Swing Journey

February 24, 2020

Road-trips to other West Coast Swing communities were an important part of my WCS upbringing – these are the benefits…

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Riding the Wave

February 2, 2020

We need goals. Having a picture of where we’re headed is the first step to getting there. Ironically, the second step is letting go of the goal. Watch Maria use a three-step process to coach herself out of a “low” and back to progress.

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What to Expect from a Group Dance Class at Smoothstyle

August 30, 2019

Here’s what you can expect from a group dance class with Smoothstyle:

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How To Develop Style & Musicality in West Coast Swing

July 5, 2019

Everyone wants to LOOK GREAT and EXPRESS MUSICALITY when they dance. That’s likely what attracts us to a dance in the first place – we see something we think is beautiful, cool, sexy, romantic, or fun and we want to experience it in our own bodies. Musicality keeps us INSPIRED – it’s exciting to watch…

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Maria’s Sample Weekly Workout

November 12, 2018

Maria shares two sample weeks from her workout schedule. These are at-home workouts that require little to no equipment.

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The Perfect Dance Bag

August 29, 2018

Everyone should make themselves The Perfect Dance Bag. It’s insanely easy to do – here’s how.

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Be Good at Beginning

August 8, 2018

Embrace BEING a beginner. Be one FOREVER. Because I want you here for the long-haul.

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How to Dance with Someone Who’s Not Very Good

June 4, 2018

If you have trouble dancing well *except* with your instructor or the “best” dancers in the room, it’s because those better dancers are adjusting to your quirks and compensating for your weaknesses. The good news is that you can get better at this. Here’s how …

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