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Private Lessons

Maria Ford offers in-person private dance lessons in West Coast Swing on a limited basis.

Private Dance Lessons in Ottawa:

  • $80/hour for 1 student
  • $120/hour for actively competing partnerships (I do not teach private lessons for life-partners)
  • Semi-private lessons (4-6 students), please inquire
  • If you are a student or under 25, please let me know, as discounts apply

How to Book

Contact Maria to request a booking.

What to Expect

My coaching focuses on each dancer’s unique journey. Based on your goals and expectations, I will assess if there is a “fit” and may recommend other instructors or approaches when appropriate. If you train with me, you can expect:

  • Encouragement, abundance, and tough love when needed
  • An emphasis on core technique and the essence of West Coast Swing
  • Simple, consistent rules that make it possible to dance your best dance with any partner
  • Deft troubleshooting
  • Practice drills to improve quality of movement and musicality
  • Video analysis and accountability
  • A mentor and friend in the dance


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