Maria Ford – West Coast Swing & NY Hustle

Maria Ford – West Coast Swing & NY Hustle
Maria Ford, Owner/Operator

I have danced since before I could walk. Today, I focus on West Coast Swing and NY Hustle. In the post-pandemic world, my dance life is focused on nurturing in others the love and excellence of my favourite dances, by teaching private lessons and specialty group workshops.

Skilled in both Lead and Follow roles, I am known for providing equal attention and support to dancers in both roles. I am also known for building strong technical foundations, quality of movement, and teaching excellence. I believe this is due to my combination of experience in communication, teaching, and dance.

  • As a strategic communications professional, I bring simplicity and clarity to often complex topics and situations.
  • As a coach and instructor, have taught in a variety of adult-education settings for two decades, including as a professor and coach in a college, and nearly a decade teaching adult dance and training others to teach effectively.
  • As a competitive dancer, I competed and placed in top divisions of both WCS (All-Star) and Hustle (Professional/Open); choreographed and performed competitively successful West Coast Swing routines; and achieved Master-level instructor certification and Judging certification from the Global Professional Dance Instructors Association (GPDIA).

I am grateful to have been trained by some of the best Champions and leaders in my chosen dance styles, including Angel Figueroa, John Lindo, Jordan Frisbee, Tatiana Mollman, Arjay Centeno, Robert Royston, Ben Morris, Brandi Guild, Mario Robau Jr., Kelvin Roche, Fred Price, Tina Price, Stephanie Risser, Erica Smith, and others. I strive to bring the best of what I have learned from each of them to create a course of learning that suits each student and respects their individual goals, bodies, and mindsets.

You can watch me on YouTube and reach me by email.