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WCS Keeners Club

The deep-dive learning event for WCS dance nerds.

You know who you are! You like to deep-dive into a topic, analyze your dance, solidify your foundations, and strive to achieve excellence. Mostly, you love the process and strive to continuously dance better.Register for June 23 WCS Keeners Club

Who can attend

These sessions are for those who are very comfortable with most 6-count and 8-count WCS patterns (passes, pushes, whips, and turns).

  • You have completed a full slate of Beginner and Intermediate WCS syllabus classes at least once (or equivalent private lessons etc.); and,
  • you are regularly social-dancing WCS and making some practice time in addition; and,
  • you are ready for “more” than syllabus classes yet you value guidance, instruction, challenge, and the shared group experience.


3-hour session
+ 1-hour practice social
~ Once every 6-8 weeks

Details & Registration

$40/person per session

The beautiful Pure Havana studio: built for social dancing & learning!

Upcoming dates:

  • Sunday June 23, 2-6 pm REGISTER >
  • Sunday, July 28, 3-6 pm (shorter Summer edition, $30) REGISTER >
  • Sunday, September 8, 15 2-6 1-5 pm 

Location: Pure Havana, 190 MacLaren St. @ Elgin St., Unit 205. Enter building from side door on Maclaren and head upstairs.

Parking: $4 in the City Hall lot at 110 Laurier Avenue West (~8-minute walk to studio) or free on MacLaren and other nearby streets if you’re lucky.

What to bring: Indoor-only dance shoes, refillable water bottle, notebook and/or video device.

Commitments: Please familiarize yourself with these Commitments to understand expectations and promises around inclusivity and conduct.

Register for June 23 WCS Keeners Club


MORE INFO: Why Keeners Club | What to expect | What not to expect | Things you might learn | FAQs

About Keeners Club

Keeners Club is my favourite way to teach, inspired by my favourite way to learn (i.e. intensively). These sessions have been honed since 2015 for groups in Canada and the US. I will continue to develop new material for you, too.

The format and approach enhances all other WCS learning and practice. It will empower you to self-develop, it will challenge you, it will help you break through dance plateaus. You will connect to and grow within a community of shared interest.

What to expect

  • Brain-busting concepts
  • Immediate application in your body and in the dance
  • Opportunity to play, create, and develop a unique style
  • Challenge and encouragement — also tough-love and technical correction when needed
  • A lot of fun, a bit of frustration, and endless personal growth

What not to expect

  • Pattern-focused workshops (although your repertoire will expand, sometimes exponentially)
  • Prescriptive technique (you will solidify strong foundations and improve your quality of movement)
  • More talking than dancing (in my classes, you move!)
  • Too much focus on one role (WCS is an improvisational conversation in dance and I address both roles equally)

Things you might learn

  • The actual rules of WCS (there are only a few, but real freedom in the dance requires proficiency in them)
  • A language of movement specific to WCS
  • How to be the best possible partner in either role
  • Maximum efficiency of movement in either role
  • How to practice more effectively — alone or with others
  • How to build new repertoire, new styling, and greater expression in the dance
  • How to deconstruct what you see in videos
  • Musicality and more…


Q: What topic(s) will you be teaching?

A: For each session, I will draw from a toolkit of material built over 20 years. The content will be unique based on who registers as well as what I am hearing from and experiencing with dancers. Typically, I will post more information about each session’s content on Facebook. Check the Smoothstyle Facebook page.

Q: I am a very good dancer, can you meet my needs if there are also less experienced dancers in the same workshop?

A: I will strive to challenge you, provide new tools, perspectives, and a path for your development. I think of WCS as a language — the ability to speak it with a wide variety of others is the fastest path to proficiency.

Q: Although I meet the ability criteria, I still consider myself a beginner — will I ruin the experience for the better dancers?

A: Not if they really are better dancers.

Q: This web page scares me — do I qualify for Keeners Club?

If you aren’t sure, talk to me/dance with me anytime you see me out social dancing. If you are from out of town, feel free to contact me with questions.

Q: I teach WCS, may I re-teach your content?

A: Yes, great teachers invest in their own development so they can pass on the best information to others. Please consider:

  • Common sense: you cannot effectively teach something you have just learned. The best teachers take time to integrate their various learnings into their own bodies, their own dance, their own language and teaching style. (You will find a list of my major influences in my bio).
  • Ethics: if you do choose to reteach others’ content directly, do credit the person(s) you learned from.

Q: May I record the session?

A: At the end of the session, I will recap what you wish and you may take a video of the recap. You may not record (audio or video) the session itself.

Q: May I attend the social only?

A: No, it is exclusively for session attendees.

Q: Will you refund me if I can’t attend? 

A: Yes, provided that you let me know that you are unable to attend. I do not refund “no-shows” (i.e. you were expected at the workshop but did not show up). I also do not provide partial refunds if you cannot attend the entire session.

Q: Are the sessions progressive/do I have to attend them all?

A: Each Keeners Club is standalone and does not require that you have attended others. That said, the learning does become cumulative so you’ll get more out of it the more you attend.

Q: I’m coming from out of town, is there any other dancing in Ottawa that weekend?

A: Yes!

See the WCS Ottawa dance calendar and the West Coast Swing Ottawa community Facebook page, too.


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