Baked Avocado & Egg

This is a high-protein snack or meal that’s so easy to make! Avocados are high in GOOD fat and very high in fiber. If you wish to reduce cholesterol use only the egg white.

The original recipe is here – this is my version:

Baked Avocado & Egg Photo

Baked Avocado & Egg (from


  1. Half an avocado, sliced the long way, pit removed
  2. 1 egg or egg yolk, beaten or whole as you prefer
  3. Seasonings of choice. I like salt, pepper, paprika and Worcestershire or Tobasco sauce.
  4. Small strip of aluminum foil


  1. Crunch the tin foil into a “worm” and then join the ends of the worm into a circle.
  2. Dig a slightly larger pit in the avocado than what the pit left. Don’t dig through to the rind, however.
  3. On a small pan or oven-safe plate or bowl, place the foil circle and prop the sliced avocado cut-side-up so that it is level.
  4. Pour the egg or egg white (whole or beaten as you prefer) into the hole.
  5. Add dry seasonings.
  6. Bake at 425 degrees F. until egg is done to your preference – about 15-20 minutes, typically.
  7. Sprinkle with other seasonings, if using. Eat with a spoon.