My Favourite WCS Routines of All Time

Well, perhaps not “of ALL time” because this dance has been around for a lot longer than I have, and for WAY longer than I have been dancing it, but since 2005, I’ve collected three absolute favourite Champion West Coast Swing routines. I’ve embedded them below.

They all share elements that I love in any routine:

  • Exceptional musicality, both in the choreography and in the dancers’ whole-body movement
  • Attack: powerful, precise, and dynamic performances
  • Surprising, creative, interesting moments
  • Awesome song choices
  • In the case of the third one, emotional depth
Here they are for your viewing pleasure – what do you think?

Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollman dancing to Etta James (2005)

Michael Kielbasa and Jennifer DeLuca dancing to George Kranz (2007)

Gary McIntyre & Susan Kirklin dancing to Janis Joplin (2010)