It’s Never Too Soon for a Private Lesson

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Vince & Maria - 1st Place Intermediate Pro-Am Leader, Spotlight Dance Celebration 2016, Michigan

Vince & Maria – 1st Place Intermediate Pro-Am Leader, Spotlight Dance Celebration 2016, Michigan

Just a couple of weeks after I had a conversation with some other professional WCS instructors about this topic, I saw this article by Canadian WCS Champion, Tessa Munroe: It’s Not Like Wine. She does a great job explaining why private lessons are not something that a person should “wait” to take until they have reached a particular skill level or decided to “get serious” about their dance.

I’d like to add to Tessa’s points my own thoughts about why private lessons are valuable for anyone – from brand-new to very advanced:

  1. Focus on your personal dance goals and needs. Everyone learns differently and has different dance backgrounds. In a private lesson, I am able to attend to those unique needs and perspectives, and tailor the learning to you. I can tailor it in many other ways, too – for example, I can cater your particular learning style and focus on the areas where you need the most input. This helps ensure that what you practice is correct for you, and it provides you with a useful filter for in-taking information from group classes or workshops.
  2. Progress more quickly. However quickly you learn and progress on your own, or in group classes, or by trading skills with peers, you will accelerate that progress with high quality private training.
  3. Develop a relationship with a trusted coach. Regular one-on-one training with an instructor of your choosing will form the basis of what can become a long-term relationship of growth and goal-setting. The student-teacher relationship is a special one that can enrich all aspects of your dance experience as well as other aspects of your life!
  4. Get one-on-one, specific feedback and drills. If you’re the kind of person who needs goals, direction, and an action plan to get there, private lessons will be ideal for you! A good coach will provide you with specific skills and drills to practice in addition to custom-tailoring their feedback and training to your needs and skills.
  5. Prepare for competition. I strongly advise not going into a competition without preparation by a professional. Private lessons for competition preparation will do many things, including helping you to set reasonable expectations and goals; providing you with benchmarks of your progress that competition may not provide; and, helping you target and tackle the things that will get you the most bang for your buck in a competition setting.

In invite you to talk to me or any of my team about private lessons!

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