Get Rhythm Weekend with Markus & Tren in Ottawa

June 12, 2019

Our West Coast Swing Weekend with Champions, Markus Smith & Trendlyon Veal, starts this Friday night with a warm-up dance!


  • We’ll be welcoming folks coming from all over to attend the workshops and/or dances
  • Markus & Tren will give one of their epic performances on Saturday evening
  • A second room on Saturday night will provide overflow capacity for the big party
  • Plans are underway for a group dinner on Saturday evening before the dance
  • DJs Donnie “DaCube” and B-Rad will have your music all weekend

Please note:

Registration is closed to Follows. ONLY a few Leader spots are available, register at the door.


The full schedule and details about locations, parking, and so on are all on this web page.