WCS Level 3 Starts Tuesday, May 3!

Levels 3, 4, and 5 West Coast Swing lessons are finally here! In these classes, you will explore and understand how to create some of the more creative and interpretive elements of the dance. Join us Tuesday nights at Amigo’s.

Each time these levels are offered, the content is NEW, so take these classes every chance you get, for new ideas, skills, patterns, and styling ideas.

These levels will be held in the 7:00pm slot:

May 2016 – Level 3

7:00pm: Leaders will have fun with patterns by learning to extend and combine them. Followers will learn to understand how to respond to extensions and contractions as well as ways to add style of their own. (You’re welcome to stay for the Level 1B class at 7:45pm).

June 2016 – Level 4

Leaders and Followers will learn style variations. (You’re welcome to stay for the Level 1C class at 7:45pm).

July 2015 – Level 5 + Drills & Skills

Leaders and Followers will explore different aspects of musicality in West Coast Swing.

Also in July, the 7:45pm lesson slot will be an ALL-LEVELS Drills & Skills class.

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