Summer 2020 & Beyond

The other evening, on my way home from a walk along the beautiful Ottawa River, a great Hustle song started playing in my earbuds and suddenly, I was dancing. Alone, in an empty Tunney’s Pasture parking lot. That’s the first time I’ve danced at all in three months.

I dream about dancing quite a bit, now, which I didn’t used to. The dream is always the same: I’m in a club or at a wedding and someone who recognizes me from the “old dancing days” asks for a dance. Our joy lights up the whole place.

I miss a lot of things about dancing and the community, but I don’t miss anything about the “business” side of it — the organizing, admin, constant responsibility and stress that comes with even a “hobby business”.

Will my feelings change with time? I don’t know. To get through this period, and to prepare for what I know is going to be a very, very long period of adjustment to all new ways of being in the world, I’m focusing on what I can control and accepting the rest as “what is”.

I choose to experience those vivid dance-dreams as wonderful experiences in themselves, not sad reminders of what once was. Dancing alone in that parking lot was joyful, too. This time has been an opportunity to test and deepen my ability to stay in “the Now” and to recognize the opportunities that are here in the moment.

I hope you, too, have (or are learning) the skills needed to adjust, be peaceful, and healthy (mind, body, and soul).


P.S. We’ve got the last Virtual Weekly lesson & playlist on Tuesday, June 30 at 7:00 PM, followed by a final Zoom Community Check-In at 8:00 PM. Hope to see you there!

Here’s the song that had me dancing: