West Coast Swing Level 4 Starts Tuesday, June 7!


Dancing at our “White Night” in May 2016 at Amigo’s.

For the first time ever, Smoothstyle is offering its Level 4 West Coast Swing session. These classes begin on Tuesday, June 7 at Amigo’s:

7:00pm – Level 4

Get creative by exploring style variations in WCS. Both leaders and followers will learn to add some cool and sass to their footwork and body movement.

Pre-requisite: WCS Levels 1, 2, and 3 with Smoothstyle, or by audition with Maria Ford. (You’re welcome to stay for the Level 1B class at 7:45pm).

7:45pm – Level 1C

This is the third and last of our Level 1 WCS course – students will put the finishing touches on their West Coast Swing basics.

Pre-requisite: WCS Levels 1A & 1B with Smoothstyle, or at least 2 months/8 weeks of WCS beginner lessons elsewhere.

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